This fast paced intro to the Daily Audio Bible can be downloaded in standard or high definition in a number of formats for use in churches, small groups, or on the internet. Download it and use it to your hearts content. Share the good news about going through the Bible in community. The only thing we ask is that you keep the video in it's original state. Don't edit or alter it. Other than that you can use it however you like.

To download right click on the icon containing the format of your choice and click, "Save Target As," on a PC or "Save Link As," on a MAC.

Intro to DAB (.mov high definition 720p) QUICKTIME
  Intro to DAB (.mov standard definition)
Intro to DAB (.wmv high definition 720p)
  Intro to DAB (.wmv standard definition)


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Cindy 03/01/2012 23:36
As often happens to me, the videos refuse to play. Technology &I do not get along well together. Could it be because I'm using an iPad?
Anyway, I am a new member, female, over-50 intersessor, and I seem to also be invisible to the chat rooms. I do recall signing up for them. Ah, well!
I have a long story about how & why I came to be here, but for now I'll just say hello, goodbye for now, and God bless all of you. I thank Him with my whole heart for DAB.

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