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(Guest) 09/20/2010 10:37
Thank you Brian for sharing your passion. I am a listener of DAB and have been impacted by your ministry. Thank YOU!

Colorado 09/21/2010 16:16
We love you, Brian and Jill!
matt fogle 09/21/2010 16:58
really loved the interview!! we love you hardin family. you are in our prayers
Tom B 09/23/2010 21:15
Great job Brian!
Ernest Brodowski 09/25/2010 14:11
Thank you for everything you do!!!!
Annajo (Guest) 09/25/2010 18:42
Great interview. Thanks for your ministry...I started in January listening everyday to the podcast and I am so happy that I am going through the entire Bible this year. Finally! I have been a Christian since 1973, I have wanted to do this for a long time and always just hopped around and did bits and pieces and then gave up. Yeah for DAB
fabiola (Guest) 09/25/2010 23:57
you and you family are a blassing to my family.Iam from mexicoi,I speak very littler English.I love the way The Lord Jesus anoints you.I also think that you spaek very good English.thank you so much! God Bless You!
David (Guest) 09/27/2010 11:23
Hi Brian. Just wanted to leave some comments and a very urgent prayer request.

You and your ministry are amazing. I find it such a pleasure to be able to download good teaching. I am a visually impaired man, so reading the bible in print is difficult. Your ministry makes up for that and I appreciate being able to listen to The Word every day.

My prayer request is really for a few members of my family. My father has Parkinson's Disease and some other complications which means that he spends a good amount of time halucinating and we can't interact in the way that we used to. The authorities have said that he needs to go into a nursing home for the remainder of his life, but they keep changing their minds all the time and he is just stuck in the hospital right now.

The main problem there is that my totally blind mother needs to get taxis to see him every day. The costs of the taxis has taken up all their savings from over the past 40 years and mum even finds that now she has to move in order to keep seeing him. The authorities are basically playing God with people's lives and it is all over the funding. We find that one minute they will say, "Next week your father will move" and that week comes and still they do nothing. We have written to the MP, but they are Conservative and so to them saving money is the most important thing and that's all they think about.

My brother has been told that because he is visualy impaired, The Lord likes him less than another person who has full sight. His Pastor has never done a High School Diploma in Religious Studies never mind a University Degree. My brother is really questionning his faith now and has said some pretty horrible things about Jesus.

It would be great if people could pray for them all.

Thanks for your time.


Birmingham, England

Bryan Ward, Ontario, Canada (Guest) 12/20/2010 11:48
Indeed the Word of God changes one's life on a daily basis. Much love to DAB and family.
Mitch Brook, North Hampton, NH (Guest) 06/14/2011 09:05
Hi Brian,

I'm a bassist/guitarist who has been in the music ministry at my church for 16 years. I've also done short term missionary work in Ethiopia with my wife, help build a school and my wife teach music & English. This experience and the experience of taking one young boy under our wing while we were there and then long distance as the internet came to Butjjira changed our lives forever. Each time we returned home, we felt appalled & ashamed. I haven't been able to go back becauseof poor health. So I try to make a difference in my church and the people I meet every day. Lately, as I have been struggling with depression & extreme anxiety and feel less & less effective or even relevant in this life. I prayed to God for help.
Then a couple of months ago I was looking for a good Bible App for my new iPhone when I discovered & downloaded the Daily Audio Bible. That night, as I got into bet listened to the day's DAB feed. I listened and heard a loon calling in the backround & the sound of water as if it was dripping from leaves into a lake. Then came the words, "Hi I'm Brian, and apperently I'm in a canoe! I laughed so hard I almost fell out of bed. Every day since then Brian & DAB broadcast have been ny anchor & wellspring.
Brian, I feel as though I have found a new best friend in you and in the undiluted word of God that you bring to me & millions of others every day. I never miss a day and it is changing my life profoundly.
God has always blessed Karen & I in so many ways, but for me, at this juncture in my life, he has given me you!
I'm looking forward to supporting your ministry. And hope someday to meet you in person.
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