George 10/10/2009 11:52
I am so Happy to be involved with the DAB ,I am getting involved with Praying 2 times a week for 2 hours with the DAB Prayer Team, what a Blessing. Praise the Lord.
Nathan Miller 01/31/2010 20:40
I definitley believe Daily Audio Bible to be a blessing in my life!!! I also DON'T believe the intentions are to substitute for church. This is a community of belivers who understand that GOD is present everyday and that we should focus on him daily not just on Sundays. With this ministry I've commited to fully understanding GOD's word.
Lawrence 07/04/2010 16:09
Getting involved in DAB FORUM,is a way of knowing God,s word and drawing nearer to him. I thank God for the initiative.
Kris 08/30/2010 12:09
Becoming involved in the DAB has helped enrich my walk with Christ. It has made me more aware of what my relationship with him. I want to make a positive difference in the forwarding of Christ's kingdom.
Bornagain2 01/27/2011 13:04
Many thanks Brian for giving us a tour of the Cafe, now I know why the light changes so much during the day. God bless.

Kris 03/26/2011 11:35
Many blessings to Brian for being God's faithful servant and givng his life to make the DAB possible. It has been the light in the darkness for so many and has changed hurting hearts around the world.
manoj (Guest) 04/25/2011 09:34
definetly a blessing to hear brian everyday
Frances (Guest) 08/11/2011 12:15
I thank you Brian for alowing God to use you my husband and i dont go a night with out listing to you read the bible thank you for alowing us to be a part of your life
Frances (Guest) 08/11/2011 12:19
ps please make your web page so we can make it our home page if we wont thank you
Lou (Guest) 08/08/2012 09:30
Best find i ever have.Now I have the best tool i can have to better understanding the word of GOD.(My sight is not as good as it was) Thank you Lord for Brian.,he is a Blessing.