Annmarie (Guest) 11/07/2009 16:43
Seeing this video, make me realized how bless I am to know I can praised God without wondering who will see and tried to stop me. The people in India don't have that privilege, but I hope one day they will be able to praise The Lord our God without fear. I love the Lord because he his my strength. I pray fro the people of India, that they will trust the prayers that are send out to them because one day things will be different. Great job DailyAudioBible, for showing us other places around the world who wanted to be a child of God.
Gord Donnelly (Guest) 11/17/2009 16:33
Very encouraging to see that video of India. We have friends from India right here in Canada. This is a reminder that we need to always pray for people of other country's as they do not have the freedom that we do. Thank you so very much Daily Audio Bible.
Kevin from Nebraska (Guest) 12/31/2009 06:37
It is wonderful to see the body of Christ from around the world. Esp. for purposes of prayer, to put a face on those we lift in prayer. To more fully appreciate their needs. I hope that DAB could somehow bring more of these video clips from other nations to make them an integral part of the Windfarm.
Nicole79 01/04/2010 21:11
That was amazing! I love the song at the end!
Raina 03/09/2010 08:58
This video was truly inspirational to me. So many times we as Americans take our freedoms and lifestlye forgranted. I for one am guilty of often living a very private Christian walk, never mentioning God or my beliefs outside of church or my Christian friends. Yet here we see people living in a country where Christians make up only 3% of the entire population and these young people are so on fire for God that all they want to do is spread His message through song and music and other means to the people around them. They are passionate and enigmatic about their beliefs. It truly puts me to shame and encourages me to have that same passion and fire to spread God's message to the people around me in my own community! I pray that God would re-ignite that fire in my heart and give me the words to speak His message too!
Kris (Guest) 04/18/2010 16:32
lily smith 08/18/2010 03:10
I couldn't open the video. Do me a favor to give me some instructions, please. Thank you. (Guest) 07/29/2013 12:11
I also couldn't open it. Don't know why not.